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What to expect!

Step 1: Pre-Education

The BEST clients are educated clients!

Don't go on hearsay or gossip about Sisterlocks from people you do not know or trust. Also, beware of Sisterlocks imitators! We have gone to great pains over the years to standardize our system, and train our practitioners effectively. EVERYONE who has taken legitimate Sisterlocks training class knows what clients Expect:

Access to FREE information about the Sisterlocks™ system (i.e. Handouts, the Sisterlocks™ website, clear pricing information, etc.)

Sisterlocks™ is offered as a package of 4 visits: Consultation, Locking Session and Follow-up visit.

Working conditions must be pleasant and sanitary.

Getting Sisterlocks™ should not hurt!!

Step 2: Find a Consultant:

Your relationship with your Consultant is most important! Take steps to ensure this person is ethical, proficient and has a good track record.

People who learn Sisterlocks™ undergo a training experience that is unparalleled. We limit our class size and never skimp on the hands-on

assistance. Also, ours is a "protected" system. Only authorized individuals may train, and students must agree not to teach or "show" the Sisterlocks™ system to others. We do this for you to help ensure against fraud. As we know, there are those who lack integrity, and who will misrepresent Sisterlocks™ and the services they offer.


All of our Consultants in good standing are listed on our website. Just click "Consultants / Trainees" on the sidebar. This will take you to the Certified Consultant registry. Certified Consultants have demonstrated their ability to perform the Sisterlocks™ techniques as they were taught to them. If you need to look further, click on the link at the bottom

of that page for our Trainee registry. Though not yet certified, Trainees are also legitimate Sisterlocks™ representatives.

Step 3: Make the Commitment

Once you have done your homework and found a Consultant you’re comfortable working with, commit

to the program! You will invest significant resources in your Sisterlocks™. Don’t Half-Step! Keep your appointments! Follow the Sisterlocks™ maintenance guidelines from your Consultant. Once you start

using products, use the Sisterlocks™ products that were designed for your hair. Be patient and most of all ENJOY your transformation!

Make sure your Consultant offers the Complete Sisterlocks™ Package for one price that includes:


During this session, you and your consultant will discuss your personal hair care history, your styling preferences, and our lifestyle in order to

determine if Sisterlocks™ is right for you. You will also have "test locks" put in your hair to see if they will hold, check sizes amount of scalp showing, settling-in time, etc... This consultation is essential

for both you and your Consultant to ensure you get your Sisterlocks™ done in the most suitable way.

Locking Session

The locking session can take a while! The average Sisterlocks™ customer

will leave with between 375 to 475 locks (this is average, you can often have more locks) and you should receive an official Sisterlocks™ Starter kit, which contains: starter shampoo, tip sheet, shampooing instructions, tiny rubber bands, and information on how to receive your official Sisterlocks™ Birth Certificate.

First follow-up Re-tightening Session

You will be asked to return for your first follow-up visit after you have had a chance to shampoo your locks at least 2 times. At this time your

Consultant will monitor the integrity of your locks, tighten them up and give you an idea of how long the settling-in period is likely to take.

Staying Connected!

Following the Sisterlocks™ Package, we recommend that you schedule your first few

re-tightening visits at 4-5 week intervals, this way; the progress of your locks can be monitored. As your locks mature, your consultant will

be able to determine how often you will need to come in for re-tightenings. The average time between visits is 6-8 weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth. Your consultant will be able to help you

determine the best time frame for your locks.

Your Consultant :


The Sisterlocks™ training classes stress the importance of professionalism

at every stage. This includes being on time, being polite, working efficiently, and being clear with clients about what is expected of them. This goes for their time investment and their financial investment.

Professionalism also means holding to high standards and being responsible for doing

quality work. Also, the best professionals do not take short cuts, and always give clients their money’s worth!

Ethical Behavior!

Ethical behavior is truly at the foundation of everything your Consultant does. Ethical behavior is not generally something an individual learns in a

class. More than likely, it is a reflection of that person’s core values and personality.

The Sisterlocks™ business is built on a strong ethical foundation, and we strive on a strong ethical foundation, and we strive to impart those

values to everyone we teach. We all know that no one is perfect, but when ethical people fall short, you generally won’t find them ducking out on their responsibilities, blaming others or giving clients the

short end of the deal. Finding a Sisterlocks™ Consultant with a strong ethical foundation is your best assurance of a satisfying and rewarding

long term experience.


Our training classes do not favor one type of setting for doing Sisterlocks™ over another. This means that individuals who will run home-based businesses for doing Sisterlocks™ and those who will perform

Sisterlocks™ in salon settings are held to the same standards. We all adhere to the teachings established by the American Hair braider's and Natural Hair care Association.

While Sisterlocks™ Consultants can’t do much about the number of hours it takes to get the locks put in, they can work to ensure clients’ time is spent in a pleasant, comfortable environment.

*** all information taken directly from Sisterlocks™ Lifestyle Journal, information Gallery Pages. ***


The best way to find a Sisterlocks™ Consultant in good standing is to go on our website www.Sisterlocks™.com and click on the sidebar "Consultants / Trainees" and follow the prompts from there.


Call Consultants, ask questions, and ask for pictures. While I would love to be your sisterlock consultant, I encourage you to take the information

on this website with you as you shop around. If I am not the consultant for you, this guide will help you to find the right consultant for your needs.

Locs Naturally Beautiful

900 Airport Freeway #130 Rm.20

Hurst TX, 76504

Contact: 253-228-0298

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